OVFF Thanks and Impressions

First off, I want to thank everyone I met at OVFF for making it a wonderful and memorable experience.  I had a great time!  There are too many names to remember them all, so I won't make individual shouts, instead I choose to send a blanket thank you!  And not one of those cheap crinkly plastic blankets, I'm talking a space age brushed wool type one that's super-soft and warm.  Thanks again!

The music and performances were great, and it was a lot of fun being able to see the Pegasus awards given out.  All in all, this past weekend has been one of the best in recent memory.  I am looking forward to many happy returns to OVFF and hopefully some other cons as time goes on!
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A fancifully fruity tradgedy

The skin was smooth, supple, silky even along the firm, ripe length.  My hands ran along it with confidence, my eyes admiring the color and fresh pale yellow hue.  From one end to the other, I checked it and could find no blemish, no imperfection.  Truly, this was a prime example of its type, neither too firm nor too soft.  A banana in its prime, just waiting, nay, yearning to become my nutrition.  Carefully, I began to peel this fruit, to denude the soft white flesh of its yellowy peel.  Ah, perfection, I had to take pause to admire the fine colors, the way it peeled just right.  I gave it one more long look...

And that, dear reader, is the LAST TIME I store onions next to the bananas.  I am betray'd!

I just hope the rest of the bunch don't also taste like onions.
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Starcraft II buyer's blues

I've been wishy-washy for weeks while wondering whether I should buy this game at all, just the regular edition, or the super-duper special deluxe collector's edition.  I thought I had settled onto "Wait for the price to drop!" but now I've seen the second advert for it (This, for the interested.) and it has thrown me for a loop again.

I'm not good at this game.  I'll probably never be really good at this game.  But I want to see the story and it probably will be fun anyways.  The question is how much I want to invest into it.  Right now I think I'll go digitally download it and just activate it next Tuesday.  That's how I've been thinking about it for the past hour or so.


What is bad in life?  Coming home to a dying video card.  However, since it was only one of a pair, it was no big deal to pull it out and move the other card to the primary slot.  They were getting old anyway (Nvidia 8800's)... Do I need any more excuse to pick up a new one?  With that said, a question worth researching is if my older motherboard will support a more modern card (Asus Striker EXTREME), and since it has a NVIDIA chipset, is ATI even worth considering?

What is good in life?  Brownies, my friends.  Brownies.  Made with love.

BP ad on Livejournal

So I was just adding Bill R. as a mutual friend (And eventually I will figure out  how to link to other people's profiles in these entries, and LJ made me watch this ad from BP.

The front headline of the ad:

Making this right

This makes me wonder if BP really, honestly thought about every connotation of the various mis-pronunciation of beaches in that slogan.
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